Issues we face


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Save the Wild Horses

We need to stop the senseless slaughter of the wild horses that symbolise the free and pioneering spirit that this state is known for . Killing them to clear the way for big companies, or selling them to foreign lands in order to make dog food is not the answer . We need to support adoptions not the greed of the Federal and State Government . I intend to work with the state lawmakers to create laws and better options  to ensure the  protection of these majestic animals .

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For the past few years Nevada's job growth has been moving in a positive direction and I intend to keep up its momentum . With the end of the recession in sight, we still have far to many people out of work, many of which  can no longer collect unemployment and are surviving off of odd jobs. I plan to keep working to bring more businesses to this state, as well as help those already here to expand. We need to have everybody  who is capable of working doing so, not only for the state economy, but for the individuals and their families. 

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States Rights

The US Constitution States;" the federal government shall not exercise jurisdiction within an admitted State of the Union outside the authority granted in Article 1", and Although I support the use of state land for the building of bases for the armed forces that keep this country safe, nearly 90% of  Nevada's vacant land is in the control of the federal government. Once elected  I will work with the Attorney General to challenge the US Goverment, as other states have over this issue.

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Property Tax Increase

Democrat Senator Julia Rattis and her fellow senators plans to change our State Constitution and with that a increase to your property taxes over 150% this will fall in line with states like California. Help me in Voting NO on the November Ballot to the State Amendment!

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Veterans Administration

Our Veterans have given their time and in many cases their bodies in service of our country. It is our responsibility to insure they are taken care of at home. While as governor I will not have control over how the politicians in Washington DC manage the Veterans Administration, I can work with our various medical boards to grantee they received the best possible care in this great state.

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