From the Letter Bag Regarding Brothels

5/9/18 Mr. Best, our little community is being ripped apart for Reno faith-based politicians who want to see the brothels closed. They claim they plan to re-train the employees (over 200 of them), but we don't see anything like that happening because they have zero plan for the employees. their only goal is to close down the brothels. Lives will be destroyed and families will be destroyed. How do you feel about the brothels? The majority of the residents in Lyon County want the brothels to remain open, as do I. thanks for reading this.


I believe we need to keep the brothels as they support our tax base and help keep men from raping woman, it would be a lot higher in our State. I also know that woman do this to make good money, even married women do this and their spouses don't mind. People in this industry are aware of what they do and it is a choice they make for themselves. This industry has been around since the beginning of time and won't stop because of a law. The brothels keep the customer and the staff clean and safe. I believe this is a good thing, keeping people free of disease for our State. The taxes help pay for our roads and the houses donate money to various charities around the area. I see no reason to mandate morality, it is a persons choice to work at or utilize the services offered.

Russell Best