SJR14 is a proposed Constitutional Amendment to change the way property taxes are assessed in Nevada. It passed the 2017 Legislature. It would need to pass the 2019 Legislature and then go on the ballot in 2020. State Senator Julia Ratti from Dist. 13 Reno-Sparks was the sponsor.

The information in quotes is from Michael E. Clark, Washoe County Assessor. Please support him for re-election. If you want to know more he is giving presentations on the subject.

“SJR 14 removes the property tax cap and all depreciation the first fiscal year after the sale of the property.”

“Examples of Potential Impact” Devastating!!!

 “The property tax bill for a 1,200 square foot home built in 1964 in Old Northwest Reno would increase from $677 per year ($56 per month) to $2,264 the first year after the sale. This results in a $133 increase per month.”

“A 3,900 square foot home built in 1991 in Juniper Trails with a current tax bill of $8,344 per year would increase to $13,699 resulting in a $446 increases to the buyer’s monthly payments.”

“Taxes with abatement were $7,706 (on a particular parcel in Washoe County) for 2017. Based on taxable value they would have been $17,766. With the implications of SJR14 the 2017 taxes on this parcel would be $21,165.” TRIPLE!!!!

As you can see, SJR14 requires that property taxes reset at a much higher rate, more than doubling or tripling, each time a home or business property is sold.  If you plan to stay in your home until you die you might not care…except…

Your friends, neighbors, family, children and grandchildren will have much less to spend on food, clothing, health care, transportation, and housing, pushing more Nevadans into poverty. If you have a business your customers will have less to spend. If you work for a business its customers will have less to spend so you may not get a raise or keep your job. This will impoverish Nevadans!


Legislative Voting Record 2017:

Voting Record on SJR14 the Constitutional Amendment to Triple Property Taxes

*Running for re-election— #Not up until 2020 for State Senate

State Senators voting YES: Democrats, #Kelvin Atkinson, *Yvanna Cancela, #Nicole Cannizzaro, *Moises Denis, #Aaron Ford (running for Attorney General), Mark Manendo (resigned because of sexual misconduct), #David Parks, *Julia Ratti (Sponsor of SJR14 SD13 Reno-Sparks), #Tick Segerblom, #Pat Spearman (running for U.S. Congress 4), #Joyce Woodhouse. Non-Partisan Patricia Farley (not running for re-election) and Republican *Ben Kieckhefer (running for re-election in Reno-Carson).

State Assemblymen voting YES: Democrats, Elliot Anderson (not running for re-election), Nelson Araujo (running for Secretary of State), *Teresa Benitez-Thompson, *Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod, *Chris Brooks, Irene Bustamante Adams (not running for re-election), *Maggie Carlton *Richard Carrillo, *Lesley Cohen, *Skip Daly, *Olivia Diaz, *Edgar Flores, *Jason Frierson, *Ozzie Fumo, *Sandra Jauregui, Amber Joiner (not running for re-election), *William McCurdy II, *Brittney Miller, *Daniele Monroe-Moreno, *Dina Neal, James Ohrenschall (running for State Senate 21), *Ellen Spiegel, *Michael Sprinkle, *Heidi Swank, *Tyrone Thompson, Justin Watkins (not running for re-election), *Steve Yeager.

State Senators voting NO: Republicans, #Heidi Gansert, #Pete Goicoechea, Donald Gustavson (not running for re-election), #Scott Hammond (running for U.S. Congress 3), *Joseph Hardy, Becky Harris (not running for re-election was appt to Gaming Control Board), Michael Roberson (running for Lt. Governor), *James Settelmeyer.

State Assemblymen voting NO: Republicans, Paul Anderson (not running for re-election appt Governors Office of Economic Development), *Chris Edwards, *John Ellison, *John Hambrick,  Ira Hansen (running for Senate 14), *Al Kramer, *Lisa Krasner, *Jim Marchant, *Richard McArthur, *James Oscarson, Keith Pickard (running for State Senate 20), *Robin Titus, *Jill Tolles, *Jim Wheeler, Melissa Woodbury (not running for re-election).

Russell Best