My name is Russell Best and I am running for Governor!


Do you believe in States Rights? I DO! Do you believe in small government? I DO! 

Do you believe in being a good neighbor? I DO! Do you want your neighbors to dictate how you live your life? Neither do I. We don’t need California laws in Nevada, we don’t need California’s decision makers funneling money into our politics. We need to elect a Governor who isn’t in the pockets of their party. We need an Independent and I am that Independent! I am not receiving millions of dollars to vote with my party, I am not receiving money from Sacramento to insure we do things the way California thinks we should. I am from Nevada for Nevada and here for the people of Nevada. 


Our school system is dead last in the nation, our senior citizens need more help than they are receiving, our federal government is the biggest illegal land owner in the state. Our Veterans are receiving substandard care across the state, our water rights are being gobbled up by big business and sold to others across the region, and our wild horses are being slaughtered. 


We have two parties that spend so much time fighting they rarely accomplish anything more that inflating their own pockets. We have those same parties funneling money from out of state to insure the victory of their chosen candidate. We have politicians who have spent so much time in office they have forgotten what the people of Nevada need. 


I am here to be your champion in Carson City, not another republican or democratic talking head. Someone who believes that when you hold an office you serve the people not the party. Someone who seeks solutions and not just lip service. 


I want to see where our education system is failing and fix it. Talk with the teachers, principals, and students, find the solutions they need to surpass the national average. I want to instruct the proper authorities to hold the Veterans Administration responsible for not serving our Veterans in a humane manner. Our seniors should also be taken care of in a manner of respect and care. These may be difficult tasks but they are basic human and states rights we should have no problem managing. 


While we do not want a nanny star such as our neighbors we have unique situation which could fund these enterprises. We have an overabundance of land being controlled by the US  Government and the state doesn’t see any money from it’s lease. I want to join forces with Utah and other states, in the court battle with the federal government to return control of our lands to the state level. While military bases are needed for national security, the rest of the land most of which is being leased to ranchers for pennies on the dollar. I would like the state to receive those funds. While at it stop the needless slaughter of our wild horses, and work with the ranchers to control herd size while keeping the landscape open for the herds. 


I want to be the one who keeps taxes, down but adult enough to state that there is no way to perceive what the future will bring. I want to be the governor who works to bring technology jobs to the state as well as technology education. I want to be the one to finally tell the US Government and California to keep their hands out of our states coffers and homes. We are Nevada and I am your only independent choice for governor RUSSELL BEST!

Russell Best