Pledges to bring his conservative ideals and straight honest talk to the Office

Sparks, NV – Tuesday March 6, 2018 – Russell Best Officially accepts the nomination from the American Independent Party and announces his bid for Governor of the Great State of Nevada. Russell Best a longtime party member of the AIP was chosen to represent Nevada’s third largest political party in the upcoming election. He is an honest straight talking former lobbyist to the state and looking to help Nevada with his conservative ideals.

Russell Best is a former land developer and non-paid lobbyist for the Real Estate/Mortgage Industries in the hallowed halls of the State Legislator. He is looking to follow his Constitutional beliefs in States Rights and Small Government. He is also committed to the plight of the Wild Horses of Nevada, with plans to create wildlife safe travel ways for the horses to be safe. He hopes that the people of Nevada will join him in Voting No on the Property Tax Increase in November.

As a longtime Nevada resident and political activist Russell feels he is the only Independent choice for Nevadans. Not catering to either party he has the ability to listen and talk directly to the people, without the strings Republican and Democrat politicians suffer from. He meets regularly with constitutes from all sides of the political spectrum listening to their concerns and hopes.

“I look forward to working with the people of Nevada on the issues that concern them the most.”

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Russell Best