States Rights


The US Constitution States;" the federal government shall not exercise jurisdiction within an admitted State of the Union outside the authority granted in Article 1", and Although I support the use of state land for the building of bases for the armed forces that keep this country safe, nearly 90% of Nevada's vacant land is in the control of the federal government. Once elected I will work with the Attorney General to challenge the US Government, as other states have over this issue.

  The Bureau of Land Management better known as the BLM controls most of the state’s assets and charges the public for use of the land and its resources.These resources belong to the State of Nevada, the money earned from them should remain in the state, and be used to help keep our taxes low. If we were to choose to allow the BLM to manage the state lands for us, we need to keep control over how it is used, and where the money from its usage goes.We the people need to have the final say on what is best for our land and state.

When we became this Great State, the land that is today being mismanaged and neglected by the US Government  was supposed to be returned to the Nevada State Government per the constitution, sadly this is not the case. Now all of this land and much more has been annexed by the US Government, Making the US Government the largest land owner in Nevada, and do we see any state taxes or fees for this land?… NO. We need to work together to have this land returned to the State of Nevada.

I intend  work with the sitting Attorney General to join other great states like Utah, in suing the US Government for the return of state land that rightfully belongs to us. Once this land has been returned, we can make decisions as to what is the best use of this land. We  have the right to decide if we want to allow the vast expanse of vacant lands to be used for energy production, mining, or even open resources for outdoor activities that could bring our communities together like our fore fathers envisioned. This land is ours according to the US Constitution and with your help I will fight to return it to its intended owners the hard working industrious people of Nevada.