Nevada Property Tax Increase


Democrat Senator Julia Ratti and her fellow senators plans to change our State Constitution and with that a increase to your property taxes over 150% this will fall in line with states like California.

   It is her assessment that since Nevadans pay less overall property tax than most of the nation it would be a major source of revenue for the state. This revenue would be cycled through the of bureaucracy Nevada already has and increasing the bureaucracy needed to manage the funds. Both parties have agreed that the increase revenue coming out of the property owners pockets is an easy win. How it works is very simple every time a property is sold, it is reevaluated at the higher price based on the sale. Currently it is the County Assessor’s job to increase property tax based on county averages, so rural counties are not taxed the same as their big city counterparts. This Constitutional Amendment will be on the November Ballot, please join me in VOTING NO.

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As your Governor I will make it my mission to stop unreasonable tax increases on your property. We have other sources of income in this state that would not result in robbing the hard working people of Nevada, but ,the Fat Cats at the State Capital were to busy counting there six figure paychecks, and planning their next vacation to even attempt to put any of theses other reasonable options  into action ,these Senators feel they need to continue to rob the community in order to line their purses.