Help Wanted!


Our local businesses, both large corporations and small mom & pops are the backbone of this state. The taxes we collect from these businesses help to keep Nevada free from income tax, meaning more money in your pocket at the end of the day. We need to continue to bring in new businesses and help those already here to become more profitable. This means keeping regulations and taxes reasonable, offering incentives to expanding businesses based on new hires counts. 

We need to impress upon the state legislators that all proposed regulations are absolutely necessary to the benefit of this state and its people. We need to stop the money grabbing by the state government, that makes it hard for businesses to open and operate. Making it easier for businesses, means job creation, which in turn means more people working. When people are able to work and earn a decent wage they can provide for their family, which strengthens family bonds. Strong Families with strong values keep crime down and strengthen our currently suffering communities. This is why I intend on keeping our state employment as high as we can possibly make it.