Helping Wounded Warriors


As a disabled Veteran, I regularly use the medical facilities at the Veterans Administration. While there I am gifted with many opportunities to listen to vets from all walks of life. I have heard their stories and became friends with many of them. While no one ever enjoys sitting in the waiting room counting the minutes or hours it takes to see a doctor, those great men and women I have met have made it more tolerable. What I truly do not understand is the lack of services offered to these brave Vets at these facilities. Each of these facilities seems to have a different idea as to what services they are authorized to offer our selfless Veterans. I have heard horror stories of Veterans not being given tests for symptoms that, at any other hospital would have been standard, tests that could have saved a brave Solders life. Our Veterans have given so much of themselves for the security of our Great Nation and it is our responsibility to give them not only quantity but quality of life. 

While, I do understand that the Veterans Administration is controlled by the politicians in Washington DC, that doesn’t mean that we the people are completely powerless. If elected I intend to work with the Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance to hold these facilities responsible for the patients they serve . This little known department is charged with licensing and regulating all hospitals and medical facilities throughout this state. They have the ability to place sanctions, fines, and suspensions on any hospital operating in the Great State of Nevada. I will work with the head of this department to improve the level of service these brave men and women receive . I understand that the hands of the doctors and nurses who care for our Vets may be tied by the red tape that goes along with any Washington based government agency. I plan to free those hands so that they may serve our Veterans in a manner according to their service.