About Russell Best

Russell Best was born in Texas to an Australian immigrant and a Texas native who Instilled in him the joys and responsibilities of citizenship in this great nation. As a young boy he was a member of a Sea Scout Ship 33 achieving the rank of Quartermaster (more info) and was a passionate  member in the Army R.O.T.C as well.   After graduation he joined the Naval Reserve becoming an active member of the U.S. Navy, completing and graduating from storekeepers school (more info). Russell was successful in the financial management duties assigned to him where he was stationed in addition to training new recruits in his field of expertise. His military career ended prematurely when he was Honorably Discharged for medical reasons.

After leaving the military he went on to graduate college from Moorpark College and worked for companies like Gulf Oil, Taco Bell Corporate and Meritor Mortgage. After owning a few small businesses Russell became a Mortgage Broker and owner of an independent Mortgage Office which brought him to Northern Nevada. While operating the Mortgage Firm he went on to become a property developer helping bring jobs and homes to the state.

With his interest in Real Estate he became an unpaid lobbyist to the states governing branches in Banking Laws and Real Estate , in the hopes of stopping the unlawful and unethical practices by large corporations, as well as looking out for the independent business owner. After many years concentrating on business and  upon seeing the state of affairs in this state he felt that the only way to help the avarage person was to run for Governor. He feels with his knowledge and experience he can help Nevada continue to be the greatest state in the nation.