Russell Best

I am a long time Nevada resident looking for your vote for Governor of Nevada. As a member of the Independent American Party I am neither a Republican or Democrat so I can move past the usual politics and get the important things done. 

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Our Issues

There are many Issues facing our Great State today, many stemming from the fact that the major parties spend more time fighting with each other than fixing the problems at hand. As an Independent I don't answer to a party , but  to you, the hard working  people of Nevada. Whether it is fighting to save the wild horses, lowering taxes, or helping to bring more jobs to the state; I am here for you. Your issues are My issues, so please drop me a line, ask me anything . I am a  open , honest and plain speaking candidate who is here to fight for you .


Get Involved

A wise man once said "No man is a island." and in this campaign no truer fact has been stated, to put it plainly I can't do this without your help!  Although donations are the cornerstone of every election, and all of the major parties have already spent millions of dollars trying to insure a win, I don't want people to donate who can't afford it. Help can mean more than just dollar signs unlike what the major parties want you to believe. A donation of  your time can be as valuable as your money, spreading the word to your friends and family, passing out brochures at your local political rally, or offering to drive voters to the polls on Nov 11th are all wonderful ways to help change this great state of ours for the better. 


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